FAQ - Vocablurry

  • How does it work?

    With Vocablurry you simply right click any word that you usually forget but want to remember and Vocablurry replaces all similar words across all the pages that you browse with the word that you want to learn. You learn passively through repeat pattern immersion.

  • How does Vocablurry's technology work?

    Our extension looks up the most relevant synonyms to the word that you want to learn, and replaces them with your word. We have developed a customised grammar parser/lexer that makes sure that the sentence remains grammatically correct, and that we do not for instance replace a noun with a verb.

  • Does it cost to use Vocablurry?

    No, it is totally free
, Forever. And there's no catch.

  • Why is it useful?

    You can widen your vocabulary in any language (including your own) without any effort.

  • Why is it effective?

    We learn best by repetition. In our brains, our neuron pathways connect and get stronger every time you repeat something you are learning by associating it with what you already know.


 Vocablurry facilitates your brain in this process. With our repeat pattern immersion software, you will encounter that frustrating word again and again. There is no option but to memorise it.

  • What is repeat pattern immersion?

    Vocablurry reminds you of that word constantly for:

    • one hour immediately after you have added it
    • for the following day
- for 3 random days the following week

    • one hour immediately after you have added it
    • for 7 random days the following month
    • for 7 random days 3 months later.

You can customise these default settings how you like

    (this feature is currently under development)

  • Does it affect my privacy? Do you monitor my usage?

    No and No. The extension performs the text replacement completely on the client side (on your computer, without contacting any servers). No monitoring or tracking scripts are installed.

    The plugin only needs the permission to access your web pages, because it needs to be able to replace the text within the pages. Our code has been audited for security and safety by third-parties. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.

  • What does "Vocablurry" actually mean?!

    As much as we may want to widen our vocabulary, often the meaning of many words remain blurry.

    With Vocablurry we are trying hard to solve this.